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On 10.02 the next meeting of the representatives of the companies in the AKDB group - family@akdb took place in online einvironment. The meeting was held under the motto - "The whole is more than the sum of its parts".

At this meeting, participants had the opportunity to present the portfolios of their companies and their contribution to the overall ecosystem for the creation of a comprehensive e-government. Through the platform for virtual meetings gather.town the participants had the opportunity to exchange valuable information with each other in an environment close to the real one. The technological possibilities for building e-government, achieving environmental standards and ways to implement these projects by attracting external funding were discussed.

The meeting can be defined as another strong proof that through the possibilities of modern telecommunication technologies an interaction is achieved covering the possibilities of at least 99% compared to a real conference.

Finally, everyone agreed that such a conglomeration of companies in the group, each of which covers a wide range of technology services - from raw IoT data collection over creation of process management software, cloud services up to artificial intelligence, the goals of the vision. "No one has to go to desk anymore" are fully achievable within the set time boundaries.

We wish success to the participants and we sincerely hope that at our next meeting specific realizations will have found their rightful place on the slides of the presenters.


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